Granite Catalog

Nationwide Monument offers the most popular styles of headstones in a variety of colors. Please review our catalog and contact us today to create the perfect monument for your loved one.

If you don't see the style or color (or combination), please contact us as we can special order any monument you might like.

To view all of our bronze pricing, view our bronze page. You can also see all of our in stock granite colors in our color gallery.

Call us at 1 (800) 285-2979 to create the perfect monument today.

Prices do not include installation, foundations, setting fees or taxes where applicable.

Flat Single

Size ColorPrice
16x8x3Mountain Blue$199
16x8x3Freedom Gray$212
16x8x3Bahama Blue$249
16x8x3Jet Black$249
16x8x3Vermilion Red$249
20x10x3Freedom Gray$249
20x10x3Bahama Blue$299
20x10x3Jet Black$299
20x10x3Vermilion Red$299
24x12x3Freedom Gray$389
24x12x4Freedom Gray$399
24x12x3Bahama Blue$409
24x12x3Jet Black$409
24x12x3Vermilion Red$429
24x12x4Bahama Blue$439
24x12x4Jet Black$439
24x12x4Vermilion Red$439
24x12x4Burgundy Rose$539
28x16x4Freedom Gray$599
24x12x4Morning Rose$639
24x12x4Blue Pearl$699
24x12x4Civil Gray$699
28x16x4Bahama Blue$699
28x16x4Jet Black$699
28x16x4Vermilion Red$799
28x16x4Burgundy Rose$949
28x16x4Burgundy Rose$949
28x16x4Civil Gray$979

Flat Single Laser

Size ColorPrice
16x8x3Jet Black$249
20x10x3Jet Black$299
24x12x3Jet Black$409
24x12x4Jet Black$439
28x16x4Jet Black$699

Flat Companion

Size ColorPrice
28x16x4Freedom Gray$599
28x16x4Jet Black$779
36x14x4Freedom Gray$849
28x16x4Vermilion Red$949
36x18x4Freedom Gray$949
28x16x4Bahama Blue$979
36x14x4Vermilion Red$989
36x14x4Bahama Blue$1049
36x14x4Jet Black$1049
36x18x4Vermilion Red$1069
36x18x4Bahama Blue$1259
36x18x4Jet Black$1259

Slant Single

Size ColorPrice
20x10x16Freedom Gray$749
24x10x16Freedom Gray$799
24x10x16Bahama Blue$849
24x10x16Vermilion Red$899
30x10x16Freedom Gray$949
20x10x16Bahama Blue$999
20x10x16Vermilion Red$999
24x10x16Burgundy Rose$1059
30x10x16Bahama Blue$1279
30x10x16Vermilion Red$1279

Slant Companion

Size ColorPrice
30x10x16Freedom Gray$949
30x10x16Vermilion Red$1119
36x10x16Freedom Gray$1119
36x10x16Burgundy Rose$1219
36x10x16Morning Rose$1219
36x10x16Bahama Blue$1299
36x10x16Jet Black$1299
36x10x16Vermilion Red$1299
30x10x16Bahama Blue$1749
30x10x16Jet Black$1749
36x10x16Civil Gray$2069

Upright Single

Size ColorPrice
20x6x20 w/28x12x6 BaseFreedom Gray$1095
24x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseFreedom Gray$1249
20x6x20 w/28x12x6 BaseBahama Blue$1449
20x6x20 w/28x12x6 BaseVermilion Red$1449
24x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseBahama Blue$1549
20x6x20 w/28x12x6 BaseJet Black$1599
24x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseVermilion Red$1799
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseFreedom Gray$1799
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseBahama Blue$1899
24x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseJet Black$1999
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseVermilion Red$1999
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseJet Black$2299

Bench Single

Size ColorPrice
30" PedestalFreedom Gray$1299
30" PedestalCivil Gray$2099

Bench Companion

Size ColorPrice
48" Park Burgundy Rose$1699
48" Park Freedom Gray$1699
48" PedestalFreedom Gray$1799
48" PedestalCivil Gray$2599
54" PresidentialFreedom Gray$2999
54" PresidentialCivil Gray$3599

Upright Companion

Size ColorPrice
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseFreedom Gray$1799
36x6x24 w/48x12x6 BaseFreedom Gray$1799
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseBahama Blue$1899
30x6x24 w/36x12x6 BaseVermilion Red$1999
36x6x24 w/48x12x6 BaseBahama Blue$1999
36x6x24 w/48x12x6 BaseVermilion Red$1999
42x6x24 w/54x12x6 BaseFreedom Gray$2199
42x6x24 w/54x12x6 BaseMorning Rose$2299
36x6x24 w/48x12x6 BaseJet Black$2799
42x6x24 w/54x12x6 BaseBahama Blue$2799
42x6x24 w/54x12x6 BaseVermilion Red$2799
42x6x24 w/54x12x6 BaseJet Black$2899


Size ColorPrice
Protecting AngelNo Granite Option$10000